On SAGE Insight: Special issue: Nursing ethics in the context of assisted dying

Guest Editor: Settimio Monteverde

From Nursing Ethics

This special issue of Nursing -Ethics explores different perspectives and possible future directions of  nursing in the context of assisted dying. There is a need for a deeper analysis from the perspective of nursing ethics in the light of actual and potential legislative changes globally. Although medical and nursing bodies have declared that assisted dying is ‘‘not part’’ of the profession’s scope, standards of diligence have been formulated in meeting the patients’ requests. Right-to-die associations accompanying the patient in the last step of self-administering the lethal drug generally have a broad public support.

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Article details
Nursing and assisted dying: Understanding the sounds of silence
Settimio Monteverde
First Published February 9, 2017
Nursing Ethics
DOI: 10.1177/0969733016684967



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