Special Issue – Focus: Nursing in crisis?

Guest editor: Tony Butterworth

From Journal of Research in Nursing

This special issue provides international reflection on the work of nurses and some of the difficulties they face in the present and near future. It offers insights into some questions facing the nursing profession in six countries and some European oversight. The subject focus of the issue was clearly prompted by a harrowing and very public debate about poor and neglectful health care exposed by the Francis (2013) report, in which nurses were publically criticised for their part in collective and clear failures in Mid Staffordshire, England.

In the guest editorial Joanna Latimer observes:
‘In broad terms Francis’ analysis of what went wrong at Mid Staffordshire was that the organisation became preoccupied with the business of the system (finance and targets) rather than the quality of patient care (Allen et al., 2013: 1).’

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Joanna Latimer
Guest editorial: Nursing, the politics of organisation and meanings of care Journal of Research in Nursing December 2014 19: 537-545, doi:10.1177/1744987114562151



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