On SAGE Insight: New curriculum raises kidney awareness

Open access journal comes to SAGE Publishing with six-part series on kidney care and treatment

From Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease

A new series on core curriculum for kidney specialists has been released by the Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease, the official journal of the Canadian Society of Nephrology.  Covering the diverse nature of kidney health research and clinical practice, the open access journal is now published by SAGE Publishing.

The six-part series covers various treatments for kidney failure and how kidney doctors can make treatment decisions based on patient evaluations. It also discusses managing these treatments and their related potential complications.

“The series has been developed by experts to address the practical aspects of vascular access ranging from the selection of an appropriate access, the management of complications and issues relevant to the daily care of an access,” commented series author Jennifer MacRae. “Nephrologists, students, and educators will be able to use this curriculum as a resource since each topic has been designed to encompass the key relevant literature along with pertinent links to external resources and a summary section highlighting the main educational points.”

Read the six articles in this series for free:

  1. Arteriovenous vascular access selection and evaluation
  2. Arteriovenous access failure, stenosis and thrombosis
  3. Arteriovenous access: infection, neuropathy and other complications
  4. Practical aspects of nontunneled and tunneled hemodialysis catheters
  5. Hemodialysis tunneled catheter-related infections
  6. Hemodialysis tunneled catheter noninfectious complications




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