Opening Pandora’s Box of innovations?

From Clinical Risk

Chris Heaton-Harris MP seeks to introduce his private members Bill, the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill (AMTIB). This article outlines how the AMTIB raises serious concerns for patients and doctors. The AMTIB aims to provide innovating doctors with a new protection from being sued for clinical negligence, by an injured patient. It is thought by some that the fear of being sued prevents doctors from innovating but this is disputed by others who argue ‘since the dawn of time innovation has been at the heart of medicine.’ Critics suggest this amendment to the law will not benefit patients and, in the longer term, will not benefit doctors or medical research

Dr Sarah Wollaston, Chairperson of the Commons Health Select Committee, and an ex-General Practitioner comments: ‘it is unnecessary, it removes essential protections for patients, and it increases the risks of their exposure to maverick doctors. I believe it will undermine not only patient safety but medical innovation and so will have precisely the opposite effect to that intended.


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Darren Conway, Dr
Opening Pandora’s Box of innovations?~Clinical Risk 1356262216631220, first published on January 28, 2016 doi:10.1177/1356262216631220


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