Poorly-performing hand implants unacceptable says leading medical journal


From Journal of Hand Surgery 

Poorly-performing medical implants have hit the headlines recently, and the trend looks set to continue. This journal issue homes in on the unacceptable performance of hand implants for osteoarthritis patients. Citing several recent studies, the editorial asks why these implants – which perform worse that certain hip replacement implants now deemed unacceptable – are still widely used.

The issue reports on a number of thumb arthroplasties – joint replacement operations at the base of the thumb. Patients who have received a de la Caffiniere implant can expect good long term outcomes following their surgeries. However, those whose joints were replaced with the Moje, Elektra and Pi2 thumb CMC joint implants have less to celebrate, according to the latest follow-up research.

Supported by notable research studies, the editorial suggests that failing Moje and Electra implants should be withdrawn, and while just one study on the Pi2 implant is insufficient to recommend withdrawal, the journal asks surgeons to use it with caution in future.

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Grey Giddins (2012). Editorial Journal of Hand Surgery, 37 (7) : 10.1177/1753193412455988

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