Exploring traditional and cyber forms of sibling bullying

Sibling bullying perpetration associations with gender, grade, peer perpetration, trait anger, and moral disengagement

From Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Substantial research exists for both traditional bullying and cyberbullying among schoolchildren.  However, sibling bullying seems a neglected issue despite its pervasiveness at home . This article is one of the pioneer works which explores traditional and cyber forms of sibling bullying perpetration. The study first investigated the frequency of bullying and cyberbullying perpetration among siblings. The second research question was about the associations of gender, grade, peer bullying perpetration, trait anger, and moral disengagement with traditional sibling bullying and sibling cyberbullying perpetration


This study investigated bullying among siblings in both traditional and cyber forms, and the associations of gender, grade, peer bullying perpetration, trait anger, and moral disengagement. The participants were 455 children in Grades 5 to 12 (262 girls and 177 boys with 16 unknown gender) who had a sibling. As the number of siblings who only bullied by technology was low, these associations were not able to be calculated. However, the findings showed that the percentage of sibling traditional bullying perpetration (31.6%) was higher than peer bullying perpetration (9.8%). Sibling bullies reported engaging in complex behaviors of perpetration and victimization in both the physical and in cyber settings, although the number was small. Gender, trait anger, moral disengagement, and bullying peers at school (but not grade) were all significantly associated with sibling traditional bullying perpetration. The implications of the findings are discussed for bullying intervention and prevention programs to understand childhood bullying in diverse contexts.


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Article details
Ibrahim Tanrikulu and Marilyn A. Campbell
Sibling Bullying Perpetration: Associations With Gender, Grade, Peer Perpetration, Trait Anger, and Moral Disengagement
J Interpers Violence 0886260514539763, first published on July 18, 2014 doi:10.1177/0886260514539763




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