Celebrating 50 years: Information Science at the University of Sheffield

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This issue of the Journal of Information Science celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the founding at the University of Sheffield of what was then called the Postgraduate School of Librarianship. Over time the School has changed its name on three occasions. These changes in name have been accompanied by substantial changes in the size and the composition of the School. The research conducted is not only broad in scope but is also of very high quality, as is attested by the School’s achievements in the Research Assessment Exercises that have been conducted in the UK at regular intervals since 1989. The focus on research is reflected in this special issue: no less than eight of the 12 papers are based on work carried out for taught-course (MA or MSc) or research (MPhil or PhD) degrees. It is hoped that the 12 articles in this special issue will provide the reader with at least a flavor of the information science research that is currently underway in the School.


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Willett, P. (2013). Editorial: Celebrating 50 years Journal of Information Science, 39 (1), 3-6 DOI: 10.1177/0165551512470053

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