How can the publishing industry respond to the rise of big data?

The rise of big data and new technology has, and continues to transform the very nature of social research. This poses challenges, and opportunities, for both the publishing industry and the research community. From the rise of ‘open and sharing’ movements in the scholarly communication system through to the rise of new data sources and technological breakthroughs, in this London Info International 2017 keynote address, Ziyad Marar, President of Global Publishing at SAGE, set’s out some thoughts on how we as an industry can navigate this new terrain.

Setting the scene, Ziyad remarks that there has been “a much slower uptake in the social sciences” to embrace the data revolution than in other disciplines, even as much of the data being generated is essentially “social scientific”.

In Ziyad’s opinion, our role as a publisher is to: “build bridges to knowledge… from creation to understanding”. “Bridging the gap between big data and social science”, he concludes, “will be good for creating healthy minds and healthy cultures”.


Watch the full presentation below:

You can also access Ziyad’s presentation slides, as well as the full Twitter activity from the session.

SAGE is committed to bridging the gap between the creation of ideas and the understanding of knowledge. Last year saw the launch of SAGE Campus, a series of online data science courses designed to equip social science researchers with the skills they need to engage with big data research (find out more here). And excitingly, next month, will see the first ever Social Science Foo Camp to be held at Facebook, co-hosted with our partners O’Reilly Media and Facebook. At the Social Science Foo Camp, invited guests, including technologists, policy makers and researchers, will gather together with social scientists and spend the weekend exploring the future of social and behavioural research. Social scientists’ newfound ability to observe and measure human interactions with previously impossible immediacy and scope is having a profound impact on that research. One of the aims – to tackle the knotty question; how can we make the most of this opportunity while also calling out the risks and avoiding pitfalls?

Keep your eyes on SAGE Connection and @SAGE_News for feedback from the event, and to keep up-to-date with our outreach within this space.



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