Free webinar- Social Science in the Age of Trump: What We’d Like to See

Wendy A. Naus

Wendy A. Naus

What will a new president and a newly convened Congress mean for U.S. government funding for social science? What should – or can – researchers, students, teachers and the public do to ensure that social and behavioral science is well supported for the benefit of the nation?

Join Wendy A. Naus, executive director of the Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA), a nonpartisan umbrella organization that works to protect and promote social and behavioral science, as she discusses these questions in a free, hour-long webinar that will include ample time for audience questions. COSSA has already released a 10-point series of recommendations for the Trump administration to consider.

“Given all of the unknowns about the year ahead and what the new political context might mean for social science research,” Naus says, “now is the time for anyone who cares about our research to engage.” The webinar will include ample time for questions from those wanting details on engagement.

The webinar is scheduled for 9 a.m. PT/noon ET on February 9. It is free, but attendees are urged to register in advance because online space is limited. To register, click here.

Wendy A. Naus
Wendy Naus became the fourth executive director of COSSA in 2014 following a decade of lobbying for the federal research and policy interests of scientific societies and U.S. universities. Over her career, she has worked to shape legislation, programs, and regulations important to the research community and has advocated for increased research funding across federal agencies. In her role at COSSA, Naus serves as the lead advocate for federal funding and policy that positively impact social and behavioral science research across the federal government, representing the breadth of the social science research enterprise. She is also responsible for the day to day operations of COSSA and member engagement.

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