Announcing the 2016 Duckies Finalists

Duck 2016What are the best blogs in International Studies? What have been the best posts of the year? The Duckies, known more formally as OAIS Blogging awards for excellence in International Relations, seek to recognize the impact that the blogging community has on scholarly communication by celebrating the best blogs and posts from the year.

Sponsored by SAGE since their launch in 2013, today we are delighted to share with you this year’s 2016 Duckies awards finalists!

And so without further ado:

Collective Blog:

Duck of Minerva 

Monkey Cage 

Progress in Political Economy (PPE) 

Individual Blog

Chris Blattman 

Dart Throwing Chimp 

Political Science Replication

Post of the Year (three tied for third, so we have five choices):

Want to help the Islamic State recruit? Treat all Muslims as potential terrorists

New Evidence on Gender Bias 

Violent Non-State Actors and Complementary Governance: What ISIS, Hizballah, FARC Have in Common

An Editor’s Thoughts on the Peer Review Process 

Cult of the Phd

Twitter Account

Erin Simpson

Adam Elkus 

Micah Zenko 

Visual Post (tie for third place):

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes


How Large Europe’s Refugee Crisis Really Is 

 #ISA2015 As It happened on twitter 


Foreign Entanglements 


Jihadology podcast 

The blogosphere, social media and new forms of digital audio like podcasts have soared in popularity and availability in recent years, fast becoming a vital way to communicate, discuss and debate global issues. Supporting and enabling debates around social policy and the social sciences is a core part of our remit at SAGE Publishing and we are delighted to be able to co-sponsor these awards. Over their three year history, the awards have become a key marker of excellence recognizing online achievement in international studies, showcasing those at the leading edge of the debate and discussion around social policy.

The winners will be announced at the OMC reception, co-sponsored by SAGE at the ISA on the 16th of March, 7:30 PM, 206, Hilton Atlanta.

Read more about the awards and the conference here.  Congratulations to the finalists!



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