Get a behind-the-scenes look at SAGE Video in this recorded presentation

“Video is a natural extension of everything SAGE has done for 50 years….As intellectual content, rich, diverse, pluralistic, global-in-orientation – the principles and practices that we’re applying in video and video preparation are really not dissimilar from everything else that we hold very dear to our heart and values,” Michael Carmichael, Video Publisher, SAGE.

At this year’s ALA Midwinter conference, SAGE’s Michael Carmichael provided attendees with an exclusive look at the making of SAGE’s new streaming video collections, SAGE Video, a development brought on by the changing classroom environment and SAGE’s commitment to the dissemination of academic content.

In the clip, Carmichael talks about the market research, collection curation, and video content licensing and production that led to the creation SAGE Video.

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