Watch: Discovery Success Stories from NISO

Last week, SAGE’s Executive Manager of Product Analysis, Lettie Conrad, was delighted to present at a Working Group Connections webinar: Collaborative Improvements: ODI Success Stories. For those of you who missed it, click through the slides below, or find the full recording here.

What does success look like when it comes to library discoverability? Index based discovery systems have seen a dramatic rate of adoption since introduction to the research ecosystem in 2009, with more than 9,000 libraries relying on a discovery system to provide users with a comprehensive index to their offerings. Some issues bar the way to providing this comprehensive view, but many challenges have been overcome through collaboration between libraries, content providers and discovery partners. The NISO ODI initiative began to examine these issues in 2011, and released a best practice in June 2014.

Speakers will highlight examples of successful collaboration, note continued areas of challenge, and provide insight on how the Open Discovery Initiative Conformance Checklists can be used as a mechanism to evaluate content provider or discovery provider conformance with the best practice.

Watch the 120 minute recording here: Collaborative Improvements: ODI Success Stories

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