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Michael Scicchitano is the editor of the SAGE Journal State and Local Government Review, a professor at the University of Florida, and the founder of a new program to assist young scholars in public administration and policy. Read his introduction to the “Young Scholars Outreach Program” below. 

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In today’s competitive job market, refereed publications are imperative for doctoral students and new faculty seeking job placements or faculty advancement in the academic world.  Many “young scholars,” however, are uncertain about how to get published in academic journals. They may not know how to best prepare an article for publication or the journals that would be the most appropriate outlets for their research.

As Editor of State and Local Government Review (SLGR), I fully understand the pressure and frustration that young scholars face in their efforts to get their research published.  As such, I am committed to assisting new university faculty and advanced graduate students in publishing in academia and fostering a productive research agenda.  I launched the Young Scholar Outreach Program to make my years of experience as an editor available to young scholars, providing consultation and guidance in support of their efforts to get published in SLGR—or in other journals.

Participation in the program is simple.  For young scholars who have a manuscript on topics related to public administration and policy, I am happy to review an abstract, article proposal, or existing paper and provide feedback on its suitability for SLGR.  I’ll provide recommendations regarding changes to make manuscripts more appropriate for the journal and to improve the chances of favorable reviews.  I’ll also suggest other publication outlets that may be more appropriate if the manuscript is not a good fit for SLGR.

If I recommend that the manuscript be submitted for review at our journal, it will be double-blind peer-reviewed by a panel of experts who make recommendations regarding publication as well as any additional revisions that may be needed before the manuscript is suitable for final publication. Even if the manuscript is not accepted for publication after the review process, the author will receive excellent recommendations regarding how to best revise the research.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in the program, please email me at [email protected].  I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your research.

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