How can Video Improve Higher Education?

…and what is SAGE doing about it?

“Visual literacy is a given for students today” Angela Carreno, Head of Collection Development, New York University.

SAGE knows that video is an integral part of flipped classroom teaching, MOOCs, hybrid courses, and online learning. Research  shows that video helps improve learning outcomes. According to a Kaltura survey this year, 88% of educational professionals believe video improves the educational experience, and 74% believe using video will increase student achievement. An article in Edudemic in March this year surmised that video helps students become actively engaged in their learning, increases motivation and improves scores. Alongside this, it can help teachers be more creative and effective in the classroom. More prosaically, embedded video is growing in traditional classrooms so instructors can make better use of class time (NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition).

SAGE is watching with interest as research continues to emerge on the benefits and challenges of including video in the classroom and beyond, as well as what it means for libraries. We are working in close collaboration with librarians, academics, researchers and students to ensure we can support their needs.

What are we doing in this space? Watch our video (above) and look out for our forthcoming blog series that pulls together our own research findings with industry news and research.

How are you using video in the classroom or in your research? How is your library supporting video use across your institution? We’d love to hear from you!

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