Free issue of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science

This article was originally posted here and was re published on SAGE Connection with kind permission from the Social Science Space Editor. 

Achilles ArmenakisThe Journal of Applied Behavioral Science has honored Achilles Armenakis, the James T. Pursell Sr. Eminent Scholar in Ethics at Auburn University, with its Best Reviewer Award for 2013.

Armenakis joined Auburn’s business school faculty in 1973, and has directed the Auburn Technical Assistance Center for eight years and been associate dean for external affairs for five years. Since 2007, he has served as the director of the Auburn University Center for Ethical Organizational Cultures. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Management and of the Southern Management Association. Before joining Auburn Armenakis taught at East Carolina University and Mississippi State University.

Journal of Applied Behavioral Science coverThe quarterly journal, the leading international publication on the effects of evolutionary and planned change in areas such as of group dynamics and organization development, was founded and sponsored by the NTL Institute. It is published by SAGE.

In honor if this award, for the next 30 days the latest issue of The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science can be read for free. Click HERE to view the table of contents.

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