Free Collection from the Journal of Black Studies in honor of Black History Month

jbsThroughout our history, SAGE has been an active supporter of the development of Black Studies as a scholarly discipline. In 1969, one year after Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, Robert Singleton and Molefi Kete Asante approached four-year-old SAGE with the idea of publishing an academic journal on Black Studies. SAGE’s Founder Sara Miller McCune accepted the proposal and began the process of adding Journal of Black Studies (JBS) to SAGE’s growing journals publishing program.

Asante and Singleton had been students at UCLA and Asante had recently been appointed as a Professor in Communication and Director of the UCLA Center for African American Studies when JBS was launched. Singleton was made chair of the journal’s editorial board and went on to complete his doctorate in Economics. To this day, Asante remains one of JBS’ Editors-in-Chief, and has since collaborated with SAGE to publish more works on black studies, intercultural communication, and African religion.

Now a renowned scholar and a leader in the field of Black Studies, Asante has stated:

“It was SAGE that really made the research – the sustained analytical discourse about African and African American phenomenon – legitimate as a social science and an interdisciplinary field … Sara has a charisma of risk taking; she was visionary in the sense of being able to see the value of it.”

As Black History Month (also known as African American History Month) comes to a close, SAGE is pleased to provide free access to a collection of articles from the Journal of Black Studies.  From Martin Luther King to Black political participation to race relations to teaching African American students, these topics provide a scholarly snapshot of different aspects of Black history and current issues in Black Studies. Click the links below to read them free for a limited time:

Learn more about SAGE’s history in publishing Black Studies scholarship by watching the video below:

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