Psychological Science at Work

by Lori L. Hart, Contributor, Management INK

apsThe Association for Psychological Science recently debuted their business research blog, Minds for Business, devoted to the study of work and leadership.

It is described as “the indispensable research blog on the science of the modern workplace, covering everything from leadership and management to the behavioral, social, and cognitive dynamics behind performance and achievement. It is for professionals wanting to better understand the behavioral, social and cognitive dynamics that affect their careers, organizations and life satisfaction. Topics include proven negotiation strategies, motivation, effective management practices, optimal team design, gender and racial bias in professional settings and financial judgement.” The blog will feature research from the APS journals (published by SAGE), Psychological Science, Current Directions in Psychological Science, Perspectives on Psychological Science, Clinical Psychological Science, and others.

Recent posts:

Visit the blog here: Minds for Business.

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