Remembering the late authors of The African American Electorate

blogHere at SAGE, we are always thrilled when we find out that our talented authors and quality publications are recognized for their excellence. But when we found out that The African American Electorate: A Statistical History by the late Hanes Walton Jr., Sherman C. Puckett, and the late Donald R. Deskins Jr., was awarded an Honorable Mention in Government and Politics by the PROSE Awards, this recognition hit a little bit closer to the heart. Both Donald R. Deskins Jr. and Hanes Walton Jr. passed away earlier this year within one month of one another, leaving behind not only family and friends, but a national community of scholars and students who were fans of their work.

“I know that both of my co-authors would have been very pleased that the title was recognized,” stated Puckett.

We honor the recognition of The African American Electorate in their memory and thank them for their commendable work on the book.

Puckett recently told us story of how this award-winning book came to be:

“Our previous book together, Presidential Elections, 1789–2008: County, State, and National Mapping of Election Data, gave us some familiarity with county-level election results and guided our data organization and reporting. It contributed to Hanes’ long-standing ambition to produce a work that eventually turned out to be The African American Electorate.

Many of the sources that we cite in the book focus on different periods and different geographies of the black suffrage struggle. We set out to tell the story by statistically differentiating the available information within this chronology, geography, and demography in a manner that we hope is most accessible to our readers. Populations and votes were summed, averaged, and subdivided throughout the volumes to provide a consistent portrait of how the black electorate developed. Ultimately, we attempted to offer with statistics a coherent accounting of this historical development.”

Created by the Professional & Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers, The Prose Awards recognize the very best in scholarly publishing by bringing attention to distinguished books, journals, and electronic content.

“In their lifetimes, both Donald R. Deskins Jr. and Hanes Walton Jr. were great contributors in the fields of political science, geography and sociology,” Puckett continued. “I wish that they were here to appreciate how the book is being received. This recognition of The African American Electorate means that the title may become a significant referential model for aspiring students and adherents to follow in continuing the legacies of these two great scholars.”


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