Higher Education Coming into the Future

By Maggie Stanley, Editor

If you read our recent post on how technology is taking over college classrooms,  you know that higher education is evolving in part because of the ever-increasing pace technology is changing our world. In this post we bring you some of the latest ideas exploring the way higher education, learning, and students are adapting in the wake of these digital advances.

What’s the future of higher education?  

A daunting question, no doubt, but one The Chronicle of Higher Education attempts to tackle in their fascinating special issue, College, Reinvented. In response to those questioning the relevance of a college degree or claiming that our higher education system is fundamentally broken, The Chronicle proposes some innovative ideas for solving some of academia’s most pressing problems. Some proposed solutions: Create truly global campuses? Eliminate grades? Abandon monographs? Read the complete post here.

What’s the future of learning for digital natives?

The Future of Learning, the latest video in Ericsson’s Networked Society series, explores this very issue, looking at how technology is changing the way we learn and argues why our entire education system is at a critical crossroads. This short-film challenges many long-held beliefs about education and highlights ways educators around the world are bucking the system to bring education into the 21st Century.

Are the technological devices we can’t live without fundamentally changing us as at the core?

“Technology is evolving us,” argues anthropologist Amber Case in We Are All Cyborgs Now, her TED talk that explores ways the communication technologies we adopt change us in a profound way. Her talk argues that “we’ve become screen-staring, button-clicking new version of Homo sapiens who rely on our ‘external brains’ (i.e. cell phones and computers) to communicate, remember, even live out secondary lives” (i.e. via various social media platforms like Facebook).

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