The rising star in a fallen economy: Family Business Review shares secrets to success

Jessica Costello, US PR Team

After surviving the Great Depression and other more recent economic pitfalls, the U.S. has certainly had its fair share of ups and downs. Today, the real question has become: could our situation be worse? According to Pramodita Sharma, Editor-in-Chief of Family Business Review (FBR) and Professor of Family Business at the University of Vermont, there is real hope. Sharma places a strong emphasis on family enterprises and their “longevity” to survive through the tough times.

Recently celebrating their 25th Anniversary, the journal FBR was named a “Rising Star in the field of Economics & Business” by Thomson Reuters in July 2012. When asked about the growing success, Sharama compared the journey to FBR’s triumph with the nature of family-owned businesses.

If you compare the progress with strategy, it took time, but when papers started to appear in broader discipline journals people started to take notice. And this is somewhat the same for entrepreneurship currently. Quality research, no matter the discipline, will assist greatly in gaining legitimacy of the field, and that is achieved by broadening the conversation into these outlets.”

Since the majority of our economic world consists of family enterprises, Sharma also predicts that interests in this area will continue to grow and take over, influencing more aspects of business other than management, finance and economics. With this in mind, she is confident that FBR will discover key elements that will help shape future businesses.

“FBR will continue to provide scientifically rigorous research focused on interesting questions important to the unique context of family enterprises.  Our editorial team, advisory board, and review board is packed with superb scholars who devote utmost attention to tasks related to FBR. So, the future is very bright indeed!”

With the help of reputable scholars at FBR who are dedicated to unfold more methods of growth and improvement, family enterprises will hopefully continue to thrive and keep us alive…even during the hard times.

Click here to read more of the interview with Pramodita Sharma.

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