A Complete Commitment to Higher Education

Just last month, the SAGE US team held a company-wide meeting in which we discussed the importance of higher education as well as some significant issues for SAGE for 2012 and 2013. SAGE CEO and President Blaise Simqu mentioned some big investments we’ve made in the past couple of years so that we can continue to stay ahead-of-the-game with the new advances that are continuously made in the publishing world. He then went on to honor SAGE employees and family members who had recently received an academic degree.

The overall theme of the meeting was the importance of higher education not only for SAGE as a company, but also for society as a whole. SAGE Board Member David McCune discussed why:

“What we really are is an education company … because the greatest hope for mankind is increased education.”

David went on to encourage SAGE employees to live out SAGE’s vision statement by striving to attain higher levels of education ourselves, mentioning SAGE founder Sara Miller McCune’s recent reception of an Honorary Doctorate from her alma mater, Queens College.

David continued, “When the history of our time is written someday, the thing that will stand out is a massive growth of education which led to a massive growth of democracy. And we’re a part of that.”

Part of our Journals Editorial Team Enjoys the Meeting

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