ScholarOne Manuscripts User Conference 2012

By Niall Booth, Online Project Manager, Peer Review

In April, Asli Anik, Zanny Ali and Niall Booth represented SAGE UK at the annual ScholarOne User Conference, held in Washington DC. This year saw a record number of delegates participate.  In attendance was a wide mixture of representatives from large academic publishing houses, to editors and administrators from independent journals and organisations. The primary aims of the conference are to bring ScholarOne users together in an environment that supports the sharing of ideas, to present the upcoming White Paper and also to discuss the latest release features soon to be available on ScholarOne.

White Paper:  Global Publishing Changes in Submission Trends and the Impact on Scholarly Publishers

This year’s White Paper used ScholarOne data taken from every journal site to demonstrate that there has been an increase of submissions from BRIC countries in the last few years. However, the data showed that this increase in submissions is not reflected in acceptance rates. These remain relatively low for BRIC countries and at about an average of 50% for the majority of US and Europe submissions.

You can access the White Paper by downloading it at:

News and developments

Publisher Level Reporting: Currently, ScholarOne reports can only be used on a site by site basis. However, the ability for publishers to run reports across all journal sites is currently being developed and will be available to SAGE as soon as the function goes live.

ScholarOne Ideas: The conference also saw the release, amongst other things, of ScholarOne Ideas. This new forum allows users to ‘rate’ other user’s suggestions on developments that could be implemented on ScholarOne journal sites. The ScholarOne developers will assess these ratings and then tailor future releases of the system to include the most popularly rated ideas where possible.

Performance Improvements: ScholarOne has improved in speed and page load time following the update of database software and hardware. This has facilitated an almost 50% improved response time on the system making it more user-friendly.

Online Help: The Online Help feature has been significantly upgraded to be more accessible for all users of ScholarOne, from authors to administrators.

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