AERA 2012 – When Knowing is Plenty: Tweets from the Trenches Part Two

By Tony Greene, Online Product Manager

SAGE Author Elisha Babad

Day Two in Vancouver was my first full day in the exhibit hall where there were a couple hundred booths manned by publishers and other academic vendors promoting their products, selling books and services, and offering free SWAG (Stuff We All Get).  The SAGE/Corwin booth occupied most of the first aisle, so we were the first stop for most people entering the exhibit hall.  We had racks of books and journals, a meeting table, and a demo space with a large screen TV and chairs.  Those who filled out a SAGE mobile survey or watched an SRM demo were entered into a drawing to win a Kindle 3G.  Along the way we met folks who were big fans of SAGE; some who were less familiar with our products and some SAGE authors, including Elisha Babad, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who wrote The Social Self for SAGE back in 1983!  Other SAGE Authors spotted in the SAGE Booth: Thomas Schwandt and Vicki Plano-Clark.  I received feedback that we should add some new terms to SRM: GIS (Geographic Information System), propensity scope matching, photovoice, and regression discontinuity design.

SAGE Author Thomas Schwandt

Some cool SWAG items from AERA vendors included:  Books, journals, tee-shirts, pens, chocolate, flash drives, penlights, shopping bags, water bottles, and my personal favorite: a glass of wine everyday at 4:30 pm.

Here are some choice tweets captured from the trenches, along with some of my own commentary:

Reidar Mosvold@rmosvold Ready for a new day at #AERA2012! My schedule is quite filled up, so I wonder if I manage to go to all the sessions… We’ll see 🙂

Christine Greenhow@chrisgreenhow Here’s How Do You Cite a Tweet in an Academic Paper: Thanks @symphily #AERA2012 #MSUatAERA

Christine Greenhow@chrisgreenhow Anyone have correct stats for #AERA2012 – I’ve heard 13K up to 15K attendees; hotel says 39,000 rooms booked? #AERA12

Gabriel Huddleston@thisisnotagabe Being jet lagged always make me think and feel like Pacino in Insomnia. #aera2012 #fb

Tony Greene@loodystar1 Are you feeling lucky #AERA2012? Today’s the day you could win a Kindle 3G! Just come to SAGE booth 2 see a demo of SAGE Research Methods!

SAGE Ed Research@SAGE_EdResearch Exhibit hall is now open! Come by SAGE Booth 400 for the latest books, journals, and reference material. #AERA2012

藤川大祐@daisukef プレイヤー25人につき2人のメンターがグループチャットで世話をするらしい。専門家の活動について学ぶゲームなので、こうした支援が必要なのかな。 #aera2012

I’m unsure how to translate the above, but I like to imagine that it’s a retweet of our tweet inviting attendees to visit the SAGE booth!

Elizabeth J. Meyer@lizjmeyer #aera2012 “the revolution will not be funded” -Erica Meiners #lgbt #activism #highered

Eric Ritskes@eritskes Longboat: We #Indigenous have a lot of studies about us but what we don’t hear enough is our stories. It’s where we need to start. #AERA2012

Constance@ConstanceIloh Adrenaline on max! Today I am presenting a paper and chairing @TierneyBill ‘s AERA presidential session ! What a day! #AERA2012 #AERA

yess@yess321 the nerd-child inside doing backflips. #AERA2012

Mark Helmsing@markhelmsing #AERA2012 If you ask a question during a Q&A, don’t filibuster. State question and sit down. That’s why we have discussants. Not your paper.

Sara@saralovesyou Seems the sick out has nixed a lot of peoples’ trips to #aera2012

As it turns out, a number of flights from Toronto to Vancouver were cancelled because the pilots called in sick in due to contract disputes.

Tony Greene@loodystar1 I see lots of researchers at #AERA2012 walk past me without seeing a demo for SAGE Research Methods. Don’t be that person! Win a Kindle 3G.

Raq@raq_steady @yess321 chuckles lovingly when the presenter struggles with her ppt. @DrGarcia – yes, PPT still rules here… #AERA2012

yess@yess321 lol “@raq_steady: @yess321 chuckles lovingly when the presenter struggles with her ppt. @DrGarcia – yes, PPT still rules here… #AERA2012

This is a perfect example of Twitter being used like Instant Messaging… only everyone gets to eavesdrop!

Eric R Brown@intellectsmuse  A researcher used photovoice with participants in her study to understand “sense of belonging” among asian-american students #AERA2012

Photovoice?  For real?  Now I know we need to add this methodology to SRM!

Tony Greene@loodystar1 Quick! Nobody’s here right now! Come get a demo of SAGE Research Methods! Enter to win a Kindle 3G! #AERA2012 I want you to win!

Can’t fault a guy for trying, er, begging…

Raq@raq_steady more and more we see Latino students identifying themselves simply as Americans. #AERA2012

Kate O’Connor@pandandlucy @break_tech #AERA2012 It’s not enough to know if you just annoy everybody. You must balance knowing with acting responsibly and ethically.

Good point.  Note to self: Tweet less.

Deena Zenyk@SMARTDeena Game-based learning @ AERA conference… Nerds unite! #aera2012

Elizabeth J. Meyer@lizjmeyer #aera2012 girls & black teens experience 2x more sexual victimization than boys & white teens #cyberbullying

CJ Pascoe@c_j_pascoe RT @twrightmu: #aera2012 When sex educators don’t talk about queerness, heteronormativity in rural schools is certainly reinforced.

Tony Greene@loodystar1 Interested in Statistics? #AERA2012 Your chance of winning a Kindle 3G is now 4.5%. Wanna know more about Statistics? Come to SAGE booth!

Raq@raq_steady this man sitting next to me has the sweetest wife. she’s so patient with his low-tech skills. #AERA2012

Tony Greene@loodystar1 Thomas Schwandt sighting at #AERA2012. Thomas edited The SAGE Dictionary of Qualitative Inquiry, available on SAGE Research Methods.

Mark Helmsing@markhelmsing Not choosing a stand is a stand. Every choice is political RT @KrisRenn @TierneyBill Should professional associations take stands? #AERA2012

So does that mean that pacifists are actually activists?

Sara@saralovesyou Oooh. Found a street of cheap sushi and pizza four blocks from the convention center. So happy. #AERA2012

Russell Ramsey@RamseyIV There’s a bounty to be had in the exhibition hall at #aera2012. I now have things to chew on through may. #gradschool

Methinks you should read our content, not eat it.

yess@yess321 listening t Daniel Solorzano talk right now at #AERA2012 n then Patricia Gandara tomorro…im such an educational research groupie…

Raq@raq_steady the undeniable racism in this country gives unfriendly leaders of other countries the fuel needed to create their propaganda #AERA2012 #AERA

Jonathan Becker@jonbecker @_valeriei and, lots of sitting and watching people read bullet points off a screen. #aera2012

Raq@raq_steady Tech difficulties still shut down the show. We really should be able to present our stuff without slides, no? #AERA2012

Raq@raq_steady Yay, the presenter recovered. She can talk about her work without slides. #phew #AERA2012

Raq@raq_steady If u do social network analysis you’re allowed to use as many slides as you want, if you have cool-looking sociograms. #AERA2012

Raq@raq_steady my brain is about to explode and @yess321 is still digging in “the book” looking for stuff to go to. #AERA2012

yess@yess321 the second wind is gone. exhaustion in its stead. #AERA2012

Marmite@HeinzMarmite @adijkstra_ Dank je wel, is goed gegaan! Nu aan het genieten van de zon in #Vancouver, straks #HollandHappening #AERA2012

Cynthia D’Angelo@dapostrophe Exhausted after a long day of #AERA2012. Went to some good sessions, met up with new and old friends. Looking forward to tomorrow.

More to come from Tweets from the Trenches.

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