SAGE Journal Article Version Standards

Recent discussion on the LIBLICENSE listserv – debating best practices in managing changes to articles throughout their publication lifecycle – demonstrate the value in recent enhancements to the SAGE Journals platform. Earlier this year, SAGE adopted versioning terms recommended by NISOto establish a shared vocabulary for various stages of article publication.

We’ve replaced the numerical labels with easy-to-read links that easily direct reader to the most current version of articles with publication dates clearly

noted. Now, when articles are published OnlineFirst, we label them appropriately in a user-friendly way.

Most often, articles released “ahead-of-print” in SAGE journals are complete versions of record, barring the bibliographic data of issue assignment – so you’ll see many labeled “OnlineFirst Version of Record.” Once assigned to an issue, an article will display clear “Version of Record” labels.

If one returns to an earlier version of an article, a message and link will appear directing researchers to the most recent iteration.

SAGE is dedicated to ongoing development of our journal article version support and plan later this year to extend the feature to better label articles that comprise a “Corrected Version of Record.” We welcome any suggestions or thoughts you may have, by either submitting a response to this post or contacting us directly (Lettie Conrad, Online Product Management,

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