SAGE’s Lettie Conrad Adds to new reference title

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to recognize the good work of a colleague. I’m lucky enough at SAGE to work with a lot of impressive colleagues, and hopefully you’ve had a chance to partner with some yourself.

Lettie Conrad, SAGE’s Online Product Manager, is not only innovating and learning at SAGE, but also contributing beyond our walls. Lettie contributed to a reference collection that’s recently been published. E-Reference Context and Discoverability in Libraries: Issues and Concepts hit the online market and bookshelves this month from IGI Global publishing. The book is designed to help librarians and others navigate the changing world of reference in an era when students think of reference as either wikipedia or the Encyclopedia Britanica.

We’re proud of Lettie and are excited to have her join the others at SAGE that have become authors.

If you’d like a chance to see the presentations that SAGE staffers are giving about publishing and industry changes, check it out here.  And look for an upcoming listing of SAGE staff bibliography.

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