Leadership and Innovation: How can we serve you better?

This week the SAGE US offices took a field trip to an area hotel ballroom (one that was large enough to fit all 300+ of us in it) and had our biannual US Publishing Meeting. This is an all-company meeting that runs down what’s on the horizon for our journals and books publishing programs at SAGE, CQ Press and Corwin. It’s also one of the rare opportunities for all of us to hear about other divisions, how SAGE is adapting to changes in the industry, and how we intend to better serve you.

Yesterday was also a special treat because we were also able to hear from one of SAGE’s best selling authors, Peter Northouse. An accomplished writer on leadership, Peter took time out of his busy schedule to speak to us about leadership, its traits and how we could all be leaders within the company. It was wonderfully inspiring to realize that sometimes the people who gently guide a company are not always the ones out front and center. Clearly, our leadership helps give directon, but Peter helped us all to see that we all possess leadership qualities worth exploring.

After Peter’s speech, we were able to look at the future of innovation across our publishing programs and the global reach of SAGE’s sales staff. Thanks to SAGE Connection contributor Bob Howard, as well as SAGE colleagues Michele Sordi and Corwin’s Michael Soule for their insights into the future.  I can’t reveal all that’s set to come, but it was very interesting to see how SAGE’s various programs are looking at the new challenges facing our customers. Two of the biggest are the evolution of the e-book and challenges to today’s evolving library.

Are there challenges you’re facing in the industry that you’d like a publisher to address? Leave a comment below and tell us how we might be able to better serve you.

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