Making sense of social media – an ALPSP seminar

I was one of a number of speakers yesterday at an ALPSP one-day seminar called ‘Making Sense of Social Media’. It aimed to show PR and Marketing professionals from across the industry ways that publishers have used social media to support business objectives.

It was a well attended day – some 50 delegates – and a really broad mix from across the sector, from both publishers and scholarly societies.

Chaired by fellow SAGE colleague, Katie Sayers (Digital Marketing Lead), the sessions covered a lot of ground. We started the day with an introduction to social media, setting objectives and ‘closing the loop’. Then we heard from OUP who shared how they use multiple channels, including Twitter and YouTube, to drive traffic back to their blog. I was then up, speaking about SAGE’s experiences of building communities around content. The OECD then shared their experiences with WikiProgress, an public web platform for discussions around a global research project on “Measuring the Progress of Societies”.

In the afternoon we heard presentations on using QR Codes (2d bar codes), apps, and managing reputation. The final session of the day was without a doubt the most thought-provoking for me personally. Matt McKay, from BioMed Central, talked at length about what it is we should be considering with regards to evaluation of social media. He distinguished between the measurement of engagement, and the measurement of ROI (return on investment). He stressed that the two are very different, and engagement does not equal ROI. He emphasised how key it was to consider at the outset of a social media strategy what it was you were aiming to measure, then talked through some of the ways you could actively monitor over time.

All presentations from the day will be available from the ALPSP website. You can also listen to some (not all unfortunately) sessions which were recorded. There is also an excellent summary of the day on Nicola Osborne’s blog, which she wrote during the event itself.

In the meantime, here’s the slide deck I presented: I’d be happy to answer any questions readers have about this or other aspects of the day.

Creating a community around content[slideshare id=8411462&w=425&h=355&sc=no]

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