Do scholars value editing services?

There is an interesting post in today’s Scholarly Kitchen about the use by publishers of editing services.  Editors for Hire discusses the practice of referring authors to professional editing services to help with language editing before submitting a paper for review.   This in no way replaces copy editing at SAGE.  But there are times where manuscripts are very hard to read and make sense.  It is then that a professional editor working with an author can help them polish their English so that the paper can be assessed for research quality.  I was surprised to read in the blog post that some publishers might share revenue with the services to which they refer.  This is not the case at SAGE.  In fact, we only list on our web site services that might be available to authors and it is for them to follow up directly.

What is not explored in the blog is whether authors feel that they get value from professional editors.  This is not something that we have ever explored and it would be interesting to hear if anyone has used such a service and whether they would recommend them.  We are always looking for ways to support editors and authors so any feedback would be welcome.

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