SAGE rolls out rewards program for all journal reviewers

SAGE today announced a global reviewer rewards program providing those who review papers for its journals with free electronic access to the entire list of SAGE journals.

The program, trialed in 2010 with a small number of titles, is now being offered for all 630+ journals currently published by SAGE. Reviewers will be offered free 30-day access to all titles on the SAGE Journals Online platform, as well as a 25% discount on all SAGE books.

“The peer review process is the lynchpin of the scholarly publishing process, relying heavily on the services of reviewers and expert evaluators of submitted material,” said Tessa Picknett, Associate Director, STM Journals, SAGE. “We rely on their expertise and judgment in refereeing submitted papers, providing feedback and helpful suggestions that ensure our journals publish the highest quality content. We’re very pleased that we can offer this program along with our sincere thanks for their contributions.”

Reviewers will be able to register for free access after submitting their referee’s report. They will be offered 30 days’ free access to all SAGE journals via a hyperlink from the journal online peer review system. Reviewers will also be sent a promotional code that will enable them to order SAGE book titles at a 25% discount.

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