English PEN’s Writers in Prison

One of SAGE’s journals, Index on Censorship has released a special issue featuring English Pen’s Writers in Prison Committee.

Celebrating 50 years of free expression, the WiPC is the English Pen’s the longest running international campaign by and for political prisoners, or otherwise persecuted writers. By emphasizing the real danger in the silencing of writers working in the media spotlight IOC, along with English Pen, aims to create an outlet for writers to express themselves freely and safely. In accordance with SAGE’s commitment to reflect passion for knowledge and education, this issue highlights the vital role writers can play in supporting their colleagues by providing an environment which promotes freedom of expression.

What is absolutely essential is that writers are able to work in a landscape that allows ideas to flourish – and that no writer is silenced.  “You can take the guts out of the investigative journalists, both figuratively and literally, but so far no one has been able to completely suppress the human urge that’s at least as old as the Book of Job: the need to tell,” writes Margaret Atwood.

Alison Beltran

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