Major development in the scholarly publishing debate

A major report was published last night on the Association of American Universities web site.  The Report and Recommendations from the Scholarly Publishing Roundtable is the result lengthy deliberations from an expert panel drawn from libraries, publishers and university academic leaders.  The main focus of the report is to explore the current state of scholarly publishing and seek consensus recommendations for expanding public access to scholarly journal articles.

Here are the key recommendations:

*Agencies should work in full and open consultation with all stakeholders, as well as with OSTP, to develop their public access policies.

*Agencies should establish specific embargo periods between publication and public access.

*Policies should be guided by the need to foster interoperability.

*Every effort should be made to have the Version of Record as the version to which free access is provided.

*Government agencies should extend the reach of their public access policies through voluntary collaborations with non-governmental stakeholders.

*Policies should foster innovation in the research and educational use of scholarly publications.

*Government public access policies should address the need to resolve the challenges of long-term digital preservation.

*OSTP should establish a public access advisory committee to facilitate communication among government and nongovernment stakeholders.

There is much in the report to digest and understand but on first reading it appears to be balanced and to recognize the contribution that associations and their publishers add to the scholarly communication process.

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