At the crossroads of past and present — ‘contemporary’ history and the historical discipline

Special Issue

From Journal of Contemporary history

More than forty years ago, this journal was created with a distinctive mission: to study and discuss Europe’s recent past, even if this stirred up controversy in contemporary political debates. This special issue charts the debate of what qualifies as contemporary, and recognizes through the internet, strong transnational identifications and communities exist alongside national and regional identities. In the twenty-first century the challenge for contemporary historians lies in analysing power, community and culture, in state and locality in an inherently transnational, globalized context.

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Palmowski, J., & Spohr Readman, K. (2011). Speaking Truth to Power: Contemporary History in the Twenty-first Century Journal of Contemporary History, 46 (3), 485-505 DOI: 10.1177/0022009411403337

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