Wellbeing or welfare benefits—what are the drivers for migration?

From Scandinavian Journal of Public Health

This article is an important input to the ongoing debate on what motivates migrants to seek asylum where they do. In light of the current refugee crisis and the related policy changes made throughout Europe, it is crucial that the details of this matter are understood. After considering a selection of studies on migration that suggest welfare benefits are for most, not the primary pull to European countries. this debate article contemplates whether the proposed cuts in welfare benefits to immigrants are largely driven by gesture politics in an attempt to curb domestic criticism in times of austerity. It outlines how reducing welfare benefits may carry a range of very tangible negative consequences for the immigrants affected, e.g. in terms of access to adequate housing, food, healthcare services and social activities, which may not only affect health but also quality of life and integration into society in general.

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Article details
Debate Article:
Line Neerup Handlos, Maria Kristiansen, and Marie Norredam
Wellbeing or welfare benefits—what are the drivers for migration?
Scand J Public Health 1403494815617051, first published on November 20, 2015 doi:10.1177/1403494815617051





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