Guidance on protection against radon exposure

ICRP Publication 126: Radiological Protection against Radon Exposure

From Annals of the ICRP

The radioactive gas radon is a ubiquitous source of exposure and a recognised source of lung cancer, second only to smoking. It is present in all buildings and underground locations, but levels can vary considerably from location to location depending on factors such as underlying geology and type of building. The purpose of this report is to provide updated guidance on radiological protection against radon exposure, considering evolution of the system of radiological protection updated knowledge about health risks due to radon exposure and experience gained by many countries and international organisations over recent years. The report provides guidance for the management of specific radon exposure situations in which workers are considered as occupationally exposed.

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Report Details
J-F. Lecomte, S. Solomon, J. Takala, T. Jung, P. Strand, C. Murith, S. Kiselev, W. Zhuo, F. Shannoun, A. Janssens, and Authors on behalf of ICRP~ICRP Publication 126: Radiological Protection against Radon Exposure / Editorial / ICRP Publication 126 Approved by the Commission in April 2014 / Preface Ann ICRP September 2014 43: 5-73, doi:10.1177/0146645314542212




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