The Olympic Legacy: London 2012

From Perspectives in Public Health

This podcast is the latest in the series of podcasts from Perspectives in Public Health. It offers a talk by the guest Editor of the March issue of the journal about the Olympic Legacy. The guest editor discusses amongst other things the lasting legacy of the 2012 Olympics as well as what can be learnt from building such a large scale site as the London Olympic Village, and how an outstanding health and safety performance has been achieved in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Site.  You will even find out how the humble porridge bowl helped contribute to the ODA’s exemplary health & safety record!

This special issue is free to download until the end of April 2012, it has an important place as part of the series of SAGE content highlighted to celebrate the countdown to the 2012 Olympics.

Table of contents for the March 2012 special issue (free access for a limited period)

Podcast (free permanently)

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