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The genesis for this special issue rests in concerns about the marginalized status of gender within the subfield of sociology of religion and the lackluster interest in religion among sociologists of gender.  It is believed that there is an impoverished understanding of religion and gender among sociologists and a marginalization of sociological studies in interdisciplinary scholarly discussions of gender and religion. As the leading voice in feminist social science, and the leading journal on gender for sociologists, Gender & Society agreed to host this special issue to highlight exciting, new gender and religion scholarship across disciplines. Editors and authors hope that this collection of articles will highlight the contributions that feminist social science can make to the study of gender and religion.

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A Gender Lens on Religion7
Orit Avishai, Afshan Jafar, Rachel Rinaldo
Vol 29, Issue 1, 2015
DOI 10.1177/0891243214548920
From Gender & Society

This special issue is the result of concerns about the marginalized status of gender within the sociology of religion. The collection of exciting new research in this special issue advocates for the importance of a gender lens on questions of religion in order to highlight issues, practices, peoples, and theories that would otherwise not be central to the discipline. We encourage sociologists who study religion to engage more in interdisciplinary and intersectional scholarship, acknowledge developments in the global South, and develop more compelling theoretical frameworks that analyze religion from a gendered perspective. Our aim is to bring religion to the attention of gender and feminist scholars and to encourage religion scholars to consider gender not just as a variable but as a social structure. We hope that both groups of scholars will consider gender and religion as mutually constitutive social categories.



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