On SAGE Insight: Special Issue: Southern Feminisms

Guest editors: Celia Roberts and Raewyn Connell

From Feminist Theory

This special issue of Feminist Theory is a collection of contemporary feminist research and analysis from the postcolonial world. The collection highlights the geopolitics of knowledge in feminism and illustrates some of the major concerns of feminist thought from postcolonial societies. These include the formative social role of violence, starting with the massive violence of colonisation itself, the complex links of violence and masculinity and postcolonial struggles to control violence. It is hoped that this special issue will encourage readers to work for feminism as a democratic movement, as a struggle for justice in gender relations and to contest and re-evaluate the global economy of knowledge.

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Article details
Celia Roberts and Raewyn Connell
Feminist theory and the global south
Feminist Theory August 2016 17: 135-140, doi: 10.1177/1464700116645874


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