Special Issue: Advances in the Assessment of Perfectionism

Guest editors: Gordon L. Flett and Paul L. Hewitt

From Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment

Perfectionism is a growing problem with recent research suggesting that as many as three in ten young people are characterized by maladaptive forms of perfectionism. The continuing growth of research in the perfectionism field and the use of perfectionism measures in applied settings depends largely on developing a broader appreciation of assessment issues involving the measures designed to tap perfectionism. The special issue titled “Advances in the Assessment of Perfectionism“ is the first special issue of a journal that is focused on the measures used to assess perfectionism. A key theme is how perfectionism is measured has implications for educational settings in general and for understanding perfectionistic students in particular. Other topics addressed include measuring the pressures imposed on students, distinguishing between striving for excellence versus striving for perfection, and identifying the characteristics that distinguish neurotic perfectionists who struggle to live up to perfectionistic standards versus narcissistic perfectionists with grandiose ambitions fuelled by a sense that perfection is attainable.  Collectively, the papers in this special issue introduce several new measures and examine many important measurement topics. The contributors to this special issue include acknowledged leaders in the field and talented, emerging scholars who are shaping the field, both now and in the years to come. It is evident from the papers in this special issue that the complexities inherent in the perfectionism construct require an equally complex and sophisticated measurement approach, and implementing a programmatic approach to measurement and assessment will result in considerable advances.

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Gordon L. Flett and Paul L. Hewitt
Still Measuring Perfectionism After All These Years: Reflections and an Introduction to the Special Issue on Advances in the Assessment of Perfectionism
Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment October 2016 34: 615-619, first published on May 26, 2016 doi:10.1177/0734282916651540



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