Special Issue: Academic bullying and incivility in adult, higher, continuing, and professional education

Guest editors: Mitsunori Misawa and Michael L. Rowland

From Adult Learning

Extensive research on bullying only began about four decades ago. At that time, bullying was understood as a temporary phase in childhood development. Later, in the early 1990s, aggressive behaviors such as bullying became more systematically studied and were found to also be adult issues. This special issue aims to provide an overview and understanding of historical and contemporary academic bullying and related incivility based on literature and empirical studies, so readers can be better informed about the prevalence of bullying, incivility, and violence.

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Mitsunori Misawa and Michael L. Rowland
Academic Bullying and Incivility in Adult, Higher, Continuing, and Professional Education Adult Learning February 2015 26: 3-5, doi:10.1177/1045159514558415

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