The ‘twice-exceptional’ bright children who have disabilities that hinder their success

Special Issue: Twice-Exceptionality

From Gifted Child Quarterly

This special issue looks at a very unique population of children, referred to as twice-exceptional, who were incredibly bright, but who also had disabilities that were interfering with their success. The researchers highlighted in this issue unveil groundbreaking findings in diverse areas within the broad definition of twice-exceptionality. Readers will learn more about screening, identification, characteristics, and successful intervention and support strategies. This issue aims to offer empirical understanding for these amazing children and their families.

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Introduction: Megan Foley-Nicpon
Gifted Child Quarterly’s Special Issue on Twice-Exceptionality: Progress on the Path of Empirical Understanding
Gifted Child Quarterly October 2013 57: 207-208, doi:10.1177/0016986213501195

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