An Essential Library of International Research in Cyberbullying

Collection of articles and free podcasts

School Psychology International keeps its readers abreast of the many issues and challenges encountered by school psychology providers and other educators who work with youth internationally. Cyberbullying is increasingly featured among those issues and challenges. This essential library assembles in a single compendium the work that has been published in this journal over the past seven years. It features a total of 16 key articles, representing perspectives from seven countries, as well as cross-national research. On the landing page we highlight and summarize each of the articles included in this collection.


We offer a link to each specific article from the collection landing page, there are 19 in total, we have made the full text of the SPI articles featured in this collection free to view until the end of 2013.

Listen to these podcasts for free

Podcast – In this podcast SPI Associate Editor Chantal Faucher discusses the introductory essay on international research in cyberbullying, as well as the collection of 16 articles gathered together to support this essay. This podcast is also available in Mandarin (click here to listen).

Podcast – Dr Nandoli von Marees and Dr Robin Kowalski discuss current research on cyberbullying in schools and Dr Kowlaski presents her new research on traditional bullying as a potential warning sign of cyberbullying.



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