Special 40th anniversary issue of Educational Management Administration & Leadership: A historical review of major themes

Special 40th anniversary issue

From Educational Management Administration & Leadership

This special 40th anniversary issue features review papers from leading academics on six of the major and enduring themes in the field, and it coincides with the 40th anniversary of BELMAS (British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society), which owns the journal.

The field of educational leadership is replete with theories or models, purporting to explain, or to advocate, specific leadership approaches. In this issue the Editorial Board identified six topics that have been of enduring significance during the past 40 years, and invited leading authors to prepare overview articles on these themes, drawing from EMAL articles and other sources. The articles collectively provide a longitudinal overview of major themes in educational leadership and management over the life of the journal, in the UK and beyond.

An accompanying special 40th anniversary issue podcast was also recorded. Megan Crawford, Reader at the University of Cambridge and Co-Editor of volume 40, issue 5, and Ron Glatter, Emeritus Professor of Educational Administration and Management at The Open University and author of one of the articles within the special issue, discuss the issues of accountability and autonomy in England over the course of BELMAS and the journal’s forty year history.

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Bush, T., & Crawford, M. (2012). Mapping the Field over 40 Years: A Historical Review Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 40 (5), 537-543 DOI: 10.1177/1741143212451827

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