Cyberbullying in schools

Special issue and accompanying podcast

From School Psychology International

This special issue considers the proliferation of cyberbullying in schools. It clarifies how this form of bullying is defined, explores how such behavior manifests and to what extent the trend affects students, teachers, parents and other educators, recognizing how this special form of bullying is an increasing challenge for schools.

In the related podcast, Guest Editor Dr von Marées discusses current research on cyberbullying in schools and author Dr Kowalski presents her new research on traditional bullying as a potential warning sign of cyberbullying.

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Free access to the lead article
Nandoli von Marées (2012). Cyberbullying: An increasing challenge for schools School Psychology International, 33 (5) : 10.1177/0143034312445241


The use of information and communication technology (ICT) has not only brought advantages to mankind. One downside is the emergence and increase of cyberbullying in schools. Affecting students of all ages, teachers, parents, and other educators, this special form of bullying is an increasing challenge for schools. This article offers an overview of the current state of research regarding prevalence and forms of cyberbullying; its psychosocial correlates in victims, bullies, and bully-victims; possible avenues for prevention and intervention approaches for school practitioners; and implications for future research.

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