Revisiting gifted education myths

A special issue

From: Gifted Child Quarterly

A quarter of a century after first discussed, despite the fact the times have continued to be characterized by great change, in society as well as throughout education, the old myths surrounding gifted education remain. This special issue revisits the popular winter 1982 issue that focused specifically on the challenge of “Demythologizing Gifted Education”. 15 myths in gifted education were identified. This new issue reveals that the original ideas still persist and also some new ones have emerged. The hope is this new issue will stimulate lively discussion it concludes there is a need in the field for commitment to research and development, and highlights the importance of support from parents, educators, administrators, policy makers, and researchers.

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Issue details:
Gifted Child Quarterly October 2009 vol. 53 no. 4 229-232

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