Summing up the financial crisis hitting the eurozone

The Euro Crisis

From Local Economy

In the light of recent developments, like the rise of new Greek Prime Minister Papademos, current commentators on the euro crisis can be read with new eyes.  This review article The euro crisis  sums up and analyses some key books both looking at the history of the eurozone and trying to understand the fiscal crisis in Europe.  Ireland and Greece (see also this article for further comments on the Greek experience) are given particular attention.  The author agrees with commentator Matthew Lynn that Eurozone might be a ‘deeply flawed project’, but suggests a tougher, better Eurozone might just emerge from the crisis.

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The euro crisis
Jones, A. (2011). Local Economy, 26 (6-7), 594-618 DOI: 10.1177/0269094211421748

Cohesion policy and region disparities: The recent experience of Greece
Christofakis, M., & Papadaskalopoulos, A. (2011).  Local Economy, 26 (6-7), 517-531 DOI: 10.1177/0269094211418295

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