On SAGE Insight: The European Journal of Social Theory at twenty years – Anniversary Special Issue

Guest Editor: Gerard Delanty

From European Journal of Social Theory

This special issue marks the twentieth anniversary of the EJST and offers an opportunity to reflect on the current position of social theory in light of the past two decades but with a view to the future. The 90s saw the rise of new questions relating to the very idea of society, the prospect of post-national political citizenship, new thinking on the nature of identity and the individual, and modernity and culture. Much of this was a response to globalization, which was one of the main contexts for theoretical thinking at the time. There was also a second context, namely, the end of the Cold War and the reinvention of the idea of Europe after 1990. It was a period of optimism of future possibilities, especially for European societies emerging out of the twentieth century. It was against that background of a world that was going through tremendous political and intellectual transformation that the EJST began. The aim of the journal was to provide a forum for research on these topics. Topics that would be welcome for future submissions would include capitalism, global inequalities, evolution, post-carbon futures, global history and social theory, theory and empirical research, crisis, and comparative analysis.

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Article details
The European Journal of Social Theory at twenty years
Gerard Delanty
First Published January 20, 2017
European Journal of Social Theory
2017, Vol. 20(1)
DOI: 10.1177/1368431016668664



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