Human Traffic–Past and Present

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From Cultural Dynamics

The essays in this issue are animated by the conference “Human traffic: Past and present,” sponsored by the Center for African and African American Studies (CAAAR) at Duke University in the fall of 2011. In engaging with the theme of the conference, participants sought to examine whether, and in what ways, human trafficking is related to a political economy of freedom, and to a politics of making place, that is to a politics of fleeing and homing, which is itself conditioned by agencies of modern power,  including state-acts, as well as powerful non-state actors. These essays are interventional, productive approaches toward rethinking some of the general assumptions underpinning discourses on human trafficking such as its ubiquitous reference to victimization, coercion, criminality, and modern slavery. The findings of the issue it is hoped will lead to a more textured approach to understanding human trafficking.

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Michaeline A Crichlow
Human traffic—past and present
Cultural Dynamics July 2013 25: 123-140, doi:10.1177/0921374013497825





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