On SAGE Insight: Special Issue on Crimmigration in Europe

Guest Editor: Maartjevan der Woude , Vanessa Barker , and Joannevan der Leun

From European Journal of Criminology

The current wave of mass migration – the largest and most visible since the Second World War – has thrown the international community into disarray. On top of existing worries about transnational crime, terrorist threats and the sustainability of national welfare state arrangements, the impact of this modern exodus has been acutely felt across Europe. Both mainstream media and European leaders have characterized the situation as a ‘crisis’, a ‘state of emergency’ and even ‘Europe’s meltdown’. Immigration has become thoroughly securitized at both a European and a national level and fundamental EU principles are now under debate.

Links between crime, security, migration and integration are far from new, but they have become more established, resulting in a series of policy and legislative reforms targeting migrants in member states.  These developments, which are now rapidly accelerating, seem to fit into the broader trend for which scholars have coined the term crimmigration. In this special issue, authors take up the concept of crimmigration more concretely and examine its applicability, relevance and limitations for understanding the European context and individual European countries. Contributors examine the importance of national social and political contexts while analysing more general trends and issues in immigration and crime.

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Article details
Introduction: Special Issue on Crimmigration in Europe
European Journal of Criminology
2017, Vol. 14(1)
DOI: 10.1177/1477370816639814
European Journal of Criminology



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