On SAGE Insight: National Identity in “New” India’s Globalized Mediascapes

Article title: In Other Spaces: Contestations of National Identity in “New” India’s Globalized Mediascapes

From Journalism & Communication Monographs

Over the past two decades, globalization and media proliferation have transformed India’s culture, politics, economy and overall national imagination, its postcolonial public culture intersecting with global capital, and rapid urban growth usurping the public agenda of development.

Through analyses of political rhetoric, new media productions, urban public culture, urban remodeling, and mobile technology diffusion, this article shows state and citizen efforts to legitimize
a new national identity for India within a global society. Academic material on India, especially with its transformation in the 21st century is often hard to find. This article is based on several long years of ethnographic work, and offers readers unique insight into a globalized present of rapidly-developing postcolonial society. It will inform students, teachers, consultants and future researchers on South Asia.


The sense of a nation as a cohesive entity bound by a distinct language, culture, and traditions has been increasingly challenged in the age of globalization. Any discussion of national identity unfolds on a ground which is complicated and fluid. It is often defined by mass migrations across volatile regions and immigration debates within most organized societies, and also contingent upon unforeseen roles played by social media in crucial fields of politics, democratic participation, and communication. India’s national identity has undergone a drastic transformation in the era of globalization and media proliferation. This monograph examines conspicuous spaces and moments of material and digital life in the National Capital Region to understand the underlying momentum for the metaphorical construction of a “New India” and to provide an analytical framework for political and cultural transactions that have defined the nation’s journey toward a new identity and national imagination. Drawing from ethnographic fieldwork in India, print and new media analysis, and archival research, I examine globalization’s uneven effects and how global culture has often destabilized, but numerously reinforced, various power structures within the nation.

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In Other Spaces: Contestations of National Identity in “New” India’s Globalized Mediascapes
Koeli Moitra Goel First Published March 2, 2018
DOI: 10.1177/1522637917750131
From Journalism & Communication Monographs



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