On SAGE Insight: A giant that may eat us: The missing social purpose of Journalism for Facebook

From British Journalism Review

Facebook has created and defined an entirely new industry between media, communications and entertainment that we call “social media”, taking full advantage of the vast opportunity of unregulated business with a global audience. Facebook speaks little publicly about its editorial policies and how it curates its newsfeed. It is likely that protecting journalism is not a priority for Facebook, where engineers hold the power and the solution is nearly always sought through technology. Journalism is more than just a business – it has a crucial and under-acknowledged social purpose that in this era of instability, isolationist politics and barely scrutinized power and wealth is more important than ever. Read more…

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Jemima Kiss
A giant that may eat usBritish Journalism Review September 2016 27: 24-28, doi:10.1177/0956474816668797



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